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United Credit Union VISA Check Card

VISA Debit Cards

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VISA Debit Cards

Our VISA® Debit Card offers the ultimate in convenience!

UCU members who open a checking account can also apply for a Credit Union VISA® Debit Card. This card can be used for cash access at ATM machines (just like an ATM card) and it is also a convenient alternative to using a checkbook.

Rather than writing checks to pay for purchases, members can hand merchants their Debit Card. Use it anywhere you see the VISA® logo. The purchase amount is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

  • No monthly maintenance fee.
  • No finance charges.
  • No transaction fee for purchases.
  • Accepted at merchants worldwide.

The Difference Between "Debit or Credit"

When asked this question, the merchant is simply asking how you would like the transaction processed. No matter what your response, the transaction will be deducted from your checking account. Some merchants only have one way to process transactions and, therefore, do not give you this choice.

What is the Difference?

Debit - If you choose this option, the transaction is processed through the ATM network and you may be required to enter your personal identification number (PIN).

Credit - When you use this option, the transaction is processed through the VISA® network. Although, there is little difference, this option actually helps your credit union and other members because VISA® transactions are more efficient and less costly than ATM transactions.

Sometimes, merchants do not offer the consumer the option of Debit or Credit. No worries. The transaction will still process fine!

So, the next time you are asked, help your credit union and say "CREDIT"!!

Debit Card Reward Points

uChoose Rewards

It’s simple, earn points for your everyday purchases and watch your points add up!  When you’re ready to redeem, simply log into your account, select your reward and order. After those steps have been completed, you’ll be enjoying life’s uChoose Rewards in no time. Register or log-in here: uChoose Rewards




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